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Fast Capital Online Privacy Policy

Fast Capital Online values your privacy. Please take a look at our websites and our privacy policy below.

This Privacy Policy explains how we use your information

Fast Capital Online is the data controller, that is, the organisation that decides the purposes for which your information will be used and the way in which it will be processed.

In this Privacy Policy, Fast Capital Online is referred to as "we", "us" or "our".

'Your Information' includes any details about you which we may hold now or at any time in the future, this includes:

  • Details you submit on our website(s)
  • Details you give to us when applying for a loan, such as name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address. Etc.
  • Details you provide to us when you get in touch with us with a request or an inquiry
  • Details that we collect from third parties such as credit agencies or debt management companies

How do we use your Details?

We will use your Details to:

  • Take lending decisions, e.g. to consent to lend money, loans or provide credit and to review your creditworthiness
  • Process your payment details (including sharing that information with a third party payment processor)
  • For statistical analysis to assist and develop our customer relationships
  • Debt recovery and tracing
  • Marketing purposes to keep you posted of our and preferred third parties' services, products, offers, events and promotions

Who do we share your Details with?

We have to provide your Details to third parties for the following purposes:

  • We provide your details to credit agencies to perform credit checks.
  • We also provide information about your payment record to credit agencies to update your credit file (see below for more information about how credit agencies use your information)
  • We may share your Information with fraud prevention organizations
  • We may give your Information to debt collection agencies with the intention of recovering any amounts that is payable under your loan agreement with us
  • We may provide your details to our sub-contractors or other organizations that we have an effective relationship with the purpose of providing services to you
  • We will provide your details to our regulator, government or judicial bodies as needed or by any appropriate law
  • We may provide your details with any third party who purchases the whole or part of our business or who purchases your balance due from us
  • We may also provide your details to third parties not scheduled above where you have given you agree or where we are needed or allowed to do so by any appropriate law.
  • We may in some situations share your personal details to countries outside of the USA, where data protection safeguards may not be as high as they are in the USA. It may also be processed by employees working outside the USA who works for us. If this happens we will guarantee that ample and cautious steps are taken to safeguard your personal details.

Credit agencies, credit decisions and the prevention of fraud and money laundering.

When you open an account with us, you have to state that you have the full consent of all parties and any linked “financial associates” (if there are any) i.e. a person with who may have had or has a joint personal financial arrangement such as joint accounts or have made joint credit applications which may be your spouse or partner (not a business partner) We may also, in some cases, examine the records, including credit details of other members of your family and if you are a director or partner in a small business, we may examine your business.

Consequently, if the applicant is for a single trader, we may check any financial associate. If the application is for a business partnership, we may scrutinize every partner and their financial associates and if the application is for a limited company, we may scrutinize every director and shareholder and their financial associates. Submitting any application form means that you have the full consent of each related party.

We may use credit reference and fraud prevention agencies to assist us take decisions. A short guide to what we do and how both we and credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will use your information given below.

  • When you apply to get a loan, we will verify the following records about you and others
    • a. Our own records
    • b. Records at Fraud Prevention Agencies We will use information obtained as a consequence of these verifications with the purpose of evaluating your application for credit, authenticate your identity and to stop and identify crime and money laundering. We may also conduct intermittent searches at Credit Agencies to handle your account with us.
  • Details on applications will be passed to Credit agencies and will be documented by them. Where you have a loan of from us, we will provide details of your accounts and how you handle it to Credit agencies. If you borrow and fail to pay back the entire amount on time, Credit agencies will make a record of the balance due. This information may be passed on to other organizations by Credit agencies and FPAs to carry out same verifications and to track your whereabouts and get back the debts that you have. Records continue to remain on file for 6 years even after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted.
  • If you give us fake or wrong information we will record this and may also pass this information to FPAs and other organizations concerned with crime and fraud prevention.
  • If you have borrowed from us and do not make payments that you owe us, we will trace your whereabouts and recover debts.
  • We and other organizations may access information recorded by fraud prevention agencies from other countries.

How to find out more about how credit agencies use your details

In this Privacy Policy we present an outline of how your details may be used by credit agencies. If you would like to know how we use and manage your personal information, please fill free to contact us at (mention your website)

Call Recordings

When we contact you by phone or if you contact us, conversation may be recorded for training and fraud hindrance purposes.

You're Rights

  • If you give us the consent, we may get in touch with you by phone, fax, post, email or SMS to update you about our services, products, offers, events and promotions. We may also share your details with third parties to facilitate them to make contact with you to inform you about their products and services.
  • You have the right to ask us to refrain from contacting you for marketing or sharing information about you with other companies for advertising purposes by contacting us by post at (mention companies address)
  • You also have the right to demand details of the third parties with whom we have shared your data by contacting us in writing (mention address) and paying a small fee.
  • If you find any slip ups you may rectify your information or request that we pull out your information from our records by sending us a request. For the most part cases we will act rapidly with your request and inform when we have done so. Nonetheless, at times we may not be able to comply with your request. If this is the case we will update you of our verdict and the reasons for that.

To safeguard privacy and the security of your details, we may take logical steps to validate your identity before we take action on any request which you may make with regards to your personal data.